Welcome to the website of Blue Skies Space Ltd. (BSSL).


At Blue Skies Space Ltd, we aim to break the current bespoke, publicly-funded model for astronomy and astrophysics missions and employ a commercial approach to create new opportunities for cutting-edge science. Our vision is to enable cost-effective, quickly-delivered scientific instruments for users worldwide through a service-based model.


Our first project, the Twinkle Space Mission, will carry unique instrumentation designed to analyse the atmospheres of exoplanets and give radical insights into worlds orbiting distant stars. The Twinkle satellite will be based on a tried-and-tested structure, built by the world-leading space company, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.


With Twinkle, Blue Skies Space Ltd will demonstrate a new model for how world-class astronomy can be delivered at a relatively low cost and on a rapid timescale.


Blue Skies Space Ltd. Was founded in 2014 and is a company registered with Companies House in England and Wales, No: 9348394.


Contact information: info@blueskiesspace.co.uk